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雙語 | 面對突如其來的洪水,如何趨利避害,保護好自己?

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The central Chinese city of Zhengzhou has been lashed by record rainstorms, causing severe waterlogging, traffic disruptions, and power outages.


The record rains have prompted the flood control and drought relief headquarters in the capital city of Henan Province to upgrade the flooding emergency response level to its highest on Wednesday morning.


Zhengzhou received average precipitation of 457.5 mm within 24 hours to 5 p.m. Tuesday, the highest daily rainfall since the weather record began. The city also reported record-high hourly precipitation of 201.9 mm between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Tuesday, the Henan provincial meteorological center said.


The severe waterlogging has led to the virtual paralysis of the city's road traffic. Over 80 bus lines have been suspended, more than 100 temporarily detoured, and the subway service has also been temporarily suspended.


Rainwater poured into the subway tunnel of the city's Line Five, trapping an unknown number of passengers aboard a subway train.


Police officers, firefighters, and workers from the local subdistrict have arrived at the site for the rescue operation.



Being caught in a flood is incrediblydangerous. Like many other natural disasters, floods can occur with little tono warning. Flash floods move quickly and have strong currents. They are knownto rip trees out of the ground, destroy buildings and cause bridges tocollapse.



Of course, drowning is a threat during aflood, not only because there is so much water and it’s movingquickly, but also because of what the water is carrying. Debris caught in thecurrent can injure anyone in the floodwater, making it more difficult to swimor tread water.



Additionally, floods can cause poweroutages, communication disruptions, traffic jams and widespread destruction.And, the flood itself isn’t the only issue to contend with. The aftermath can be just asdeadly, as it may not be possible to deliver essential supplies such as waterand food to the area.



If a flood warning has been issued, seekshelter immediately. Never attempt to walk, swim or drive through floodwaters.It only takes six inches of moving water to knock a person off their feet, andbeing knocked unconscious by a fall into moving water could be fatal.Additionally, as little as one foot of flood water can sweep cars away.





1. Avoid bridges that cross rapidly-movingwater, as floodwaters can cause bridges to collapse.



2. Listen to emergency broadcasts forfurther instructions. If told to evacuate, do so.



3. Stay inside a car trapped by fast-movingwater. Only get out if the water begins to flood the car itself, then move tothe roof of the vehicle.



4. If trapped within a flooding building,move to the highest floor. Do not go into the attic, as it is possible tobecome trapped there without a way to escape. Only relocate to the roof ifnecessary. Once there, signal for help (such as drawing SOS on the roof).



5. Avoid power lines, as they are oftendamaged or knocked down during strong storms and flooding. A downed power linecan cause surrounding water to become charged, leading to electrocution.





Do not drink flood water, or use it to washdishes, brush teeth, or wash/prepare food. Drink clean, safe water. If youevacuated, return to your home only after local authorities have said it issafe to do so. Use only bottled, boiled, or treated water for drinking,cooking, bathing, etc. Avoid driving through flooded areas and standing water.As little as six inches of water can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.



torrential downpours/rains 傾盆大雨

rain cats and dogs 傾盆大雨(俚語表達,與rain heavily等同)

a fierce storm 強風暴

rainstorms 暴風雨

torrential rain 暴雨

the fury of a storm 狂風暴雨

the bluster of the wind and rain 狂風暴雨

the violent thunderstorms 強烈的雷暴

the violent storm 暴風

a heavy rainfall 大雨,暴雨

pouring rain 瓢潑大雨

cloudburst (突然的)大暴雨

heavy rain 暴雨

downpour 傾盆大雨

storm/tempest/rainstorms 暴風雨

red/orange/yellow/blue rainstorm alert 紅色/ 橙色/ 黃色/ 藍色暴雨預警


floods/floodwater/inundation 洪水

relief 救災

freshet 河水猛漲/漲水

water levels 水位

to burst their banks/breaching of the dyke 決堤/潰堤

watercourses 河道/水道

the flood level 洪水水位

warning level 警戒水位

flash floods 山洪暴發

water discharge 水流量/排水

water reservoirs 水庫

Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters 國家防汛抗旱總指揮部

disaster areas 受災地區

evacuate 疏散

rescue boats 救生艇

stranded residents 受困居民

temporary tents 臨時帳篷

settlements 臨時居住點

plug the breach 封堵決堤口

inundate crops 淹沒農田

worst hit 最嚴重受災地區

burst the banks 決堤

low-lying areas 低洼地區

landslides 山崩/滑坡

emergency alert level 緊急警戒級別

emergency materials 緊急援助物資

inflatable boats 充氣艇

rubber boats 橡皮艇

fuel barrels 燃料桶

life vests 救生衣

the frontline of flood prevention 抗擊洪水的前線

exceed warning levels 超出警戒線

a crucial period of flood control 洪水防控關鍵時期

emergency response 應急反應

disaster relief efforts 救災工作

flood-affected poor residents 受災的貧困人口

strengthen coordination 增強協調

allocate the rescue personnel and supplies in a more scientific way 科學分配人力和物資

cause casualties and property losses 造成人員傷亡和財產損失